-Long Term Care-

Learning about someone's past provides insight into that person's life. As healthcare professionals we strive to promote cognitive performance and find innovative ways to tap into long term memory. Programs that encourage conversation and interaction provide us with a window into the mind of a person.


These fun, insightful programs can be utilized in any size group setting, one on one or individually. The ease of use of these wonderful thought provoking programs that can be used in your DVD player or computer, make learning about someone’s life experiences an enjoyable activity for all! 


Unlock the Memories Interactive Trivia programs are a fun, interactive journey down memory lane.  Progressive clues of questions, music, voices and pictures from the past and present stimulate the mind and promote conversation.  The written script provides additional prompts to assist in encouraging conversation, numerous suggestions to incorporate multi-sensory activities as well as additional resources to enhance the level of enjoyment. Simply insert the DVD, follow along with the narrator's script and use the Pause button on your remote control in order to allow sufficient time for reminiscing.